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1h 46m Comedy, Fantasy, Drama 2022

In a remote island village “behind God’s back” (“even God must have forgotten about it,” the locals crack), Skimma dreams of leaving the only place he’s ever known to explore the world. When Rebecca tells him she’s carrying his child, Skimma finds himself torn between his desire to leave the island and the new responsibilities that come with fatherhood. But Skimma has a plan. Taking advantage of skills honed alongside a tourist man cheesemaker, Skimma embraces a new profession: village weed supplier. Almost immediately, everyone wants what he’s cooking – even Rastaman Osiris. Meanwhile, Skimma’s distributor arranges a lucrative new deal he can’t resist. Faced with making some real money to provide for his child and keeping the new enterprise away from the law, will Skimma find what he’s searching for? Multihypenate Trinidadian artist Damian Marcano’s breakout feature is a funny, fresh adventure punctuated by unforgettable characters, evocative music, a striking palette, dynamic camera work and editing, his own animation and subtitles with attitude. Seven years in the making, CHEE$E is the first chapter in Marcano’s Caribbean trilogy.




Trinidad and Tobago, United States