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Chronicles of a Wandering Saint

1h 25m Comedy, drama, Fantasy, Supernatural, Ghost, Drama, Feature, Mystery, Indie 2023

In the tiny town of Santa Rita lives Rita, an elderly chapel keeper. She and the women in her church group are in constant competition to see who is the most saintly. But no matter how many times she polishes the chapel floors, her effort is always overlooked. One day, in one of the back rooms, she stumbles upon the town’s beloved statue of Santa Rita, believed to have been stolen decades ago. Seizing the opportunity, she stages a “miracle” that will finally anoint her as the most admired woman in town. With the reluctant help of her neglected husband, Rita finds that the road to sainthood is not exactly glamorous, while the world around her has been brimming with strange magic all along.




Argentina, United States


plenty good