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Deliver Me

15m Drama, Dark Humor, Science Fiction, Short 2023

Jesse, one of the most famous billionaires on Earth is the first human to successfully clone and marry himself. After being married for a year, Jora, Jesse’s clone, is reaching the crux of an identity crisis. On the day of their anniversary, Jesse invites “their” best friend Roberto to give him a gift. Roberto is in love with Jesse, and suffering from unrequited love. Jesse’s solution is to gift Roberto with a hyper-realistic sex doll of himself, as a token of friendship. The doll is the last straw for Jora, who finally decides to revolt against Jesse’s tyranny by devising a plan to finally escape from the prison they call home.

Line Producer

Jaiden Thompson

Associate Producer

Rachael Sonnenberg

Director of Photography

Sam Motamedi

Production Designer

Rodrigo Muñoz

Script Supervisor

Sara Crow

Color & Finish

Company 3

Finishing Colorist

Patrick Devine


Joecar Hanna-Zhang

Assistant Director

Jeremy Gumener


Bbo Subtitulado

Art Director

Femi Aguaze

Assistant Camera

Sanae Ohno

Visual Effects

Virtual Art

Intimacy Coordinator

Joey Massa


Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, English



Closed Captions [CC]

English CC


United States