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Hidden Kingdom

31m Documentary, episodic, dance 2022

The first season of Hidden Kingdom follows five different dancers in New York to reveal the rich terrain of our shared human desires. Blending elements of the surreal with the intimacy of a diary, Hidden Kingdom immerses the viewer in a visual landscape of movement and raw emotion: a body twists, a window becomes a portal, a curtain is lifted back to show us something new, or something familiar.

Regine, in Brazil, in Central America, deepening her connection to the Yoruba religion and movement, spinning closer and closer to the truest version of herself.

Yamini, pushing and pulling at tradition, falling in step, breaking orbit, carving a new path.

Karon, in a dark basement, limbs flexing in fierce battle—then suddenly in a tender embrace with his goddaughter.

Through sound and gesture, voice and memory, what emerges is a series of stories, at once singular and universal, that move through fear, loss, and longing to find what’s waiting on the other side.


Jacqueline Davis


Sunny Lee


Emily Backerman


Taaj Al-Khaliq


English, Spanish


United States, Dominican Republic, Colombia