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Pranav Bhasin, Rohini Maiti - 'Screaming on the fly'

4m Short, Music 2023

George Carlin once famously said - “The planet is fine, the people are f**ked.” Shivi, an entitled Mumbai girl, has just realized she’s got nothing to wear for her big date. She has her eyes on something new. A red dress. But when she can’t attain it, her delicately balanced sense of sanity comes crashing down. Now she’ll go to any lengths to get it. Even if it means punching your best friend in the face. Because that dress? That dress means happiness. ‘Screaming on the Fly’, is steeped in the concept of excess. It’s the story of a girl trying to find satisfaction in a hyper-capitalistic world. When we’re always consuming, how much is enough?


Pranav Bhasin

Director of Photography

Pranav Bhasin

Executive Producer

Dheer Momaya






Jugaad Motion Pictures, EnterDLP