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The Family Circus

18m Drama, Comedy, Film-Noir, Suspense 2023

On a snowy Christmas Eve, Paul drunkenly crashes his car into the neighbor’s yard and flees the scene. His parents, Bill and Linh, send Paul to bed and debate whether or not they should call the police. John, their eldest son, offers to take the blame in order to keep his brother out of jail. With the plan set, Bill and John return to the accident scene. A gruff Cop arrives and soon grows suspicious of their story and asks to use their restroom. Once inside their home, tensions rise as the panicked family tries to keep their lies afloat.


Josh Cohen


Jonathan Brock


Sing Howe Yam

Production Designer

Sage Griffin

costume designer

Monica Chamberlain


Ali Helnwein


English, Vietnamese

Closed Captions [CC]



United States